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                  Artist's Statement

     "Art is, for me, the constant exploration of new possibilities, pushing the limits of the known, stretching the limits of the processes I work with to discover the new and express the inner realities that fire my being. Through twenty years of work with the ancient tradition of Japanese pottery, I have found an ever-changing expression of the ideal of beauty. Working with the magic of Earth, water, and fire, that is the potter's realm, I use a wide range of forms, glazes and design techniques, always exploring the tension between control and spontaneity, seeking the flash that reveals mysteries.


      I work in a variety of media, and bring an eclectic background to my work: I trained in art schools in New York and as a pottery apprentice in Japan, and I have worked in SoHo, NY, Florence, OR, and Jesup, GA.


Building on the strong beauty of the Japanese forms, I strive to imbue my work with freshness and vitality through use of a unique glaze palette and carved and sculpted designs integrated into the pots. A currently-developing vision is a series combining scuptural work and vessels in emotional celebration of the lives of friends who have died. These vessels borrow from the visual repertoire of the funerary urn, but capture the endearing qualities of the lives, not (just) the ashes, of those commemorated".

                                         - Giana Eden

                     About The Artist


      Giana Pisacano Eden lives in Jesup, GA, with her husband John, where they share their space with 9 longleaf pines,15 species of bamboo, a dog named Echo and numerous cats including Lance, Pixie, and Boots II. All enjoy the harvests of their organic garden. They have raised three children, John N., Lucy and Liana, and are active in the community of Jesup. Besides owning her own pottery business, Giana  does lots of other art in a variety of media, plus teaches yoga and fitness to seniors each week at a local gym.

"Artist, potter, wife, mother, figurehead, business woman, arts and leisure president, community activist, nurturer, friend..these are some of the titles Giana wears, and she wears a lifetime of success like a favorite pair of pajamas".   - Candice McKinley                                                                                                       Artist
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