Toadstool Tea Set

Giana Pisacano Eden is a native of Long Beach, New York now living and working in

Jesup, Georgia, as a potter. Her experience in pottery and ceramics spans over three decades. After study in art, ceramics, and sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art, and then Syracuse University, she traveled to Tsuwano, Japan, in 1975 for a special apprenticeship in Japanese production pottery techniques.

Castle Platter

Returning to New York, she then owned and operated Waking Mountain Pottery for five years in Soho. Later, she moved to Florence, Oregon, where she opened Mixed Media Workshop and helped form a co-op arts gallery.

Now she lives in Jesup, Georgia with her husband John, running Giana Eden Pottery where she works daily, throwing, glazing, firing and attending to the many ongoing tasks that a working pottery demands.

Mona Lisa

Large Mona Lisa Sculpture

Her unique designs have been displayed extensively in various art galleries and shops from New York to Oregon, and have appeared in national publications such as House Beautful, Cuisine, Vogue, the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Cosmopolitan.

Giana personally crafts her pottery using traditional Japanese throwing techniques—each piece is individually formed and trimmed with hand-made tools, dried, bisqued, glazed, and fired. Beautiful in form and function, its fashioning refects the Japanese craft aesthetic: the interdependence of beauty and utility – with a touch of whimsy.

The pieces are available singly or as dinnerware sets. They’re designed to be used, and as such are fully dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe, and the glazes are free of lead.

Tooth Fairy Castle

Giana’s gallery displays the wide range of her works, and while online purchasing is not yet available via this site, she makes pieces to order and ships them right out. See below to find out how to get in touch and place your order.

Giana welcomes visitors to her little shop, where she usually keeps a display of pieces for potential customers to see and browse. If you want to find ways to contact her, see her contact page.